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The Caricatorium is open for business. You can purchase Reproductions in our Print Shop or book the Proprietor, Prof. Algernon Heliotrope to demonstrate the Art and Science of Caricatography at your Event. Elsewhere, you can learn more about the origins of Caricatorium, or make yourself acquainted with the latest News from Home and Empire. If you would like to know more, please contact Professor Heliotrope directly via our  Æther-mail form.

Print Shop Reproductions

Print of Capt. Anstruther Celadon

Print of Capt. Anstruther Celadon

Reproductions of studio portraits of the Great and the Good of the Empire, as produced by Professor Heliotrope are available for purchase in the Print Shop.

The first series of six Portraits features such luminaries of the Age as the heroic Capt. Anstruther Celadon, Supra-Terrestrial Explorer (pictured left),  the noted Botanist and Romantic Novelist Miss Idonia Carmine and the intrepid Big Game Hunter and Occultist, Col. Quinlan Gamboge.

You can browse the full series of six prints here.

News from Home and Empire

Open for Business

Published: Thursday the 4th of September 2014

The Caricatorium is now Open for Business. Within these pages you may browse (and purchase) our Reproductions of Prints of the Great and the Good of the Age, commission me, the Professor, to produce a Private Commission of one of your nearest and dearest or Book my Services to come and Demonstrate the Marvel of the Modern […]


Private Commissions

The Professor is also capable of producing caricatographs, or caricatures, as Private Commissions for a gift for a loved one. These are typically based on existing Daguerreotypes, Tin-Plates or images produced by other Photographic processes, and make for an excellent surprise present for your unsuspecting Acquaintance or Family Member.