Prof. Drassilis Byzantium


Portrait of the nefarious and devious Scientist and Natural Philosopher, Professor Drassilis Byzantium FRSc

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Being a portrait of the nefarious and devious disciple of the natural sciences Professor Drassilis Byzantium, FRSc, at study in his laboratory.

Excerpt from the Professor’s laboratory notes

Experiment 54 – 27th July 1896


My investigations into Human morphology continue apace. The recent dissection of one of the man-beast hybrids from Noble’s Island has revealed much that will prove useful, as will a thorough study of the transformative effects of Dr. Jekyll’s latest concoction. My attempts to reproduce the Genevese Baron’s work in reversing cellular necrosis have sadly proved fruitless thus far. Dr Kemp’s monograph on the visit by a medical student who had rendered himself optically imperceptible will benefit from further examination.

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