Col. Quinlan Gamboge


Portrait of the tenacious Explorer, Big Game Hunter and Occultist, Colonel Quinlan Gamboge

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Being a portrait of the tenacious occultist and hunter of other-worldly and supernatural beasts, Colonel Quinlan Gamboge.

Extract from the Colonel’s Journal

Journal Entry: 14th May, 1886, jungles of Jolliginki

We have been tracking the so-called Rarest Animal of All for the past three days. We broke camp at first light, and soon picked up the trail. It’s spoor was fresh, so we knew the beast was near. I needed a clean kill – memories of the ill-fated Bellman expedition a decade earlier still haunted me. We came upon the creature grazing in a clearing so I approached stealthily and carefully raised my shotgun. When I had the magnificent two-headed cross-breed square in my sights, I squeezed the trigger and felled it with one shot. It’s heads will make a fine trophy on the wall of my study back in Blighty.

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