Capt. Anstruther Celadon


Portrait of the heroic and other‑worldly Supra‑Terrestrial Explorer, Captain Anstruther Celadon

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Being a portrait of the heroic leader of the first British expedition to Mars, Captain Anstruther Celadon, following his return to England.

Extract from the Captain’s Log

22 October 1875 – Day 23 after Stone’s Hill

Position: Mars – 23°N 37°E

After 22 days and nights traversing the void of Space, we finally made land on Mars (or Barsoom, as our colonial predecessor Capt John Carter would have it). With my trusty canine automaton Rover, I set foot upon the surface and planted the old Union Jack in the red, sandy soil to claim the territory for Queen and Empire. No sign as yet of any local flora or fauna, or indeed any of the rumoured three-legged lifeforms. We endeavour to set out and explore the our environs further after tiffin.

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