Air Mshl. Zylphia Cerulean


Portrait of the valiant leader of the Suffragette Auxiliary Air Corps, Air Marshall Zylphia Cerulean

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Being a portrait of the Commander of the Suffragette Auxiliary Air Corps, the valiant Air Marshall Zylphia Cerulean.

Extract from Despatches from the Front Line

SAAC Geraldine Hill Aerodrome – 22 July 1911

The Battle for the universal right to vote for all women is being fought on many fronts, not least by the heroic women of the airborne division. Notable amongst them is Wg Cdr Patricia Rawnsley who, despite the opposition of her father Lord Rawnsley (proprietor of the Daily Post and sponsor of the recent London to Paris air race) has proven herself a more than capable aviatrix. We also mourn the loss of Gp Capt Lady Agatha D’Ascoyne after her balloon was shot down over Berkeley Square. Ground personnel such as APO Winnifred Banks have also joined the fray, flying kites bearing the Suffragette ribbons.

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