Private Commissions

Self Portrait of the Professor, with the Mark II

Self Portrait of the Professor, with the Mark II

The Professor is also capable of producing caricatographs, or caricatures, as Private Commissions of a Loved One for a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Retirement gift. They are typically based on existing Daguerreotypes, Tin-Plates or images produced by other Photographic processes, and make for an excellent surprise present for your unsuspecting Acquaintance or Family Member.

Such caricatures may include any number of Personages of the subject’s personal Circle, and objet d’art or keepsakes they hold dear, although, naturally this may incur further Cost.

If you are interested in Commissioning such a Portrait, please fill in the Æther-mail Form below and the Professor will reply in due course with a Quotation for his Services by Return of Post.

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